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Is Art the New Food?

"Groups really gravitate to learning about our city’s history and heritage through the art and artists who have lived and worked here."

Natural & Man-Made Marvels Reveal Ingenuity of Art & Ice in Sweden

"We make something out of frozen water, and after a few months, it melts back to its former state, rejoining the river from where it came.”
arthk cover

Art Hong Kong is Making a Splash

Starting this Thursday, Hong Kong will play host to ART HK, a preeminent art fair that cements Asia’s World City’s reputation as a fixture...
barnes foundation parkway philadelphia

New Barnes Philadelphia Museum Opens in May Amid Furor & Hefty Anticipation

On May 19, the new state-of-the-art Barnes Philadelphia museum wing opens with over 15,000 sf of indoor and outdoor space located in the heart of Philadelphia’s...

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