The Gamification of Meetings & Events

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Gamification of meetings and incentives is on the rise.
Gamification of meetings and incentives is on the rise.

The gamification of meetings and events is on the rise. The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) is calling this injection of apps, social media, web conferencing, digital signage and other gaming techniques a trend. It’s the beginning of an “app in everything” era—and in case you’re wondering, it goes way beyond the old automated RFP and WiFi standbys.

“A third of all meeting planners are now integrating some form of gaming techniques and/or virtual elements into their programs,” says IRF President Melissa Van Dyke. But with this new surge of technology comes the need for strategy.

The effectiveness of meetings is now largely based on experience rather than the opinions of stakeholders. And the experiential factor isn’t at all one-sided. Groups and planners are harnessing technology in unique ways that enhance ROI and ROE.

Robert Pfeffer, director of sales/marketing for Marco Island Marriott, Golf Club & Spa, says he’s noticed a revived interest in branding. “Groups are looking for ways to communicate the company’s mission message in a unique presentation format as well as strategic locations.”

Of course, the gamification of meetings also has its challenges. Gaming tools can place strain on hotel suppliers to deliver higher levels of WiFi bandwidth. But with an app in everything, why worry?