Calakmul Incentive Travel Destination… Day Dream!

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Calakmul Incentive Travel Destination

Campeche offers you sport fishing, hunting grounds ecological tourism and much more. The Ancient Maya City of Calakmul provides an incentive travel to remember. It is a pre-Hispanic Mayan urban center, where you can find 120 different stelae and relax amidst the chirping of birds and exotic and mystical environment of buildings.

With spectacular natural scenery, the 723 hectares makes it the second largest protected natural area in Mexico.

It has a rich biodiversity present in more than 489 species of birds, several species of toucans, ocellated turkeys, some species of parrots and it’s a refuge for many vulnerable mammals, including howler and spider monkeys, jaguars, white-lipped peccaries and Baird’s tapirs, so this is a perfect destination for bird watching.

Close to Calakmul you can find hotels and restaurants to taste traditional Mayan food like “Cochinita Pibil” (Mexican slow-roasted pork dish). The Mayan word pibil means “buried”, so you can enjoy a cooking show that is an amazing experience for groups. And the best of it… LOS CAMPECHANOS!